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AAS PROFILE AAS is an internationally renowned global leader in the field of Drip Technology specializing in state of the art emitter and extrusion processes. The AAS team consists of global drip irrigation experts with knowledge and proficiency covering all aspects of a drip irrigation enterprise, ranging from drippers, production lines and manufacturing, all the way to finished product in the field.

Why Do Business With Us?

Below are a few key points that make us different:

  • We have over 35+ years of combined drip irrigation experience
  • Our company has the most advanced and efficient production lines installed worldwide.
  • We have a range of drippers that cover all aspects of customer needs.
  • Our technical support team is available on a 24hr basis.
Who we are:  Dimitris P. Paraskevopoulos

  • Owner, Chairman and CEO of AAS Ltd, which D. Paraskevopoulos founded in 2006. Has maintained other personal businesses in Cyprus since 1991.
  • Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Eurodrip S.A., Eurodrip USA and all other Eurodrip subsidiaries (1979 – 2006)
  • Vice President of the Greek Plastic Industrial Association  (1995- 99)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of ProBank (Greece) S.A.
  • D. Paraskevopoulos has a degree in Political Science and speaks three languages.

Dr. Christos D. Verelis, Director

  • Holding a doctorate degree in Chemistry from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, Christos Verelis as Director for AAS Ltd is a seasoned and successful leader with a track record of producing, presenting and managing the implementation of innovative business solutions and the commercialization of  all aspects of a business.
  • Has served as member of the Hellenic Government and Parliament for 16 years.
  • Former President of the Association of Greek Chemists, has worked as a director for numerous industries such as plastics (A.G. Petzetakis S.A.), petroleum and gas, he is well networked and highly successful in implementing business process improvements, defining company direction.

Andreas F. Metaxas, Counselor

  • Andreas Metaxas has over 20 years of extensive experience in the designing and manufacturing of drip emitters and driplines in the international marketplace.
  • Proficient in all aspects of the drip production processes, with vast knowledge of the drip irrigation industry
  • Areas of expertise include business operations, strategic planning and business development.

Dimitris Α. Papadimas, Counselor

Proficient in consulting, marketing and b/m services – has served as Board Member and Chief Financial Consultant to Management in diverse fields (automobiles, textiles, medical supplies, building materials, plastics etc.)

Since 1990, when he joined Eurodrip S.A. as CFO, he has served as:

  • Executive Director and Board Member
  • Director of Development (in charge of the creation of two subsidiaries in Egypt and the USA-and of the acquisition of three more in Greece, Turkey and Jordan).
  • Director of Finance & Commerce Planning (designed and implemented the group participation of institutional investors in the S/C increase of the company and in the Athens S/E)
  • Commercial Director (designed, established and managed two branches in Greece additionally to 150 sales outlets in 25 countries)

Dimitris Papadimas is a graduate of Piraeus University and Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and of the Greek Institute of Internal Auditors

Christos K. Bolinis

  • Head of the company’s Research & Development Department
  • Christos Bolinis worked as R&D and Production Manager of Eurodrip S.A till 2008. He is an unrivaled expert and pioneer in dripper design and drip irrigation production lines.
  • He brings more than 30 years of experience from the plastics production and especially the drip irrigation industry, having installed many drip lines around the world, as well as various production lines  in numerous drip irrigation plants.



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