Nano Flat Line

The Production

Made in Germany
AAS is a global leader in the field of manufacturing lines for the production of drip pipes and components attaining the highest standards of cutting edge technology.
Nano Flat Line
Flat Drip Irrigation Line, for the production of thin wall pipe, with the integration of NanoFlat drippers.
Nano Central Photo
Nano Flat Line Specifications
Production speed
Up to 250 m/min
Inserting rate
Up to 2000 drippers/min
Drip spacing
Minimum 10 cm
AAS Nano Flat Drippers
or equivalent
Raw material
Polyethylene (PE)
Output product
Drip irrigation pipe
Pipe diameter range
12 - 35 mm
Pipe wall thickness range
5 - 13 mil

Drilling Unit
Dryer Trough
Cooling Trough
Vacuum Calibrating
Screen Changer
Inserting Unit
2000 drippers/min
Nano flat Line In Operation
Nano - 2
Nano - 3
Nano - 4
Output: 350 Kg/h

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