AAS increased the number of available flows rate of the AAS Turbo Flat Dripper in order to satisfy its valuable customers’ market needs. Now, the flow range of Turbo Flat includes a new dripper designed for emitting 2.0 Litres per hour.

Turbo Flat is our classic flat dripper that now comes in six flow rates: 0.8 L/h, 1.3 L/h, 1.6 L/h, 2.0 L/h, 2.4 L/h, and 3.8 L/h. These trustworthy drippers have served farmers in the field for more than 10 years and still do, accomplishing remarkable performance in various applications including subsurface.

As all AAS drippers, it will be produced under high-quality control standards, at our manufacturing site which is currently being expanded and is located in Limassol-Cyprus. Everything is ready for the manufacturing of the 2.0 L/h Turbo Flat Drippers which is scheduled to start this month, November 2017.