Rondo Automatic Coiler

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AAS is a global leader in the field of manufacturing lines for the production of drip pipes and components attaining the highest standards of cutting edge technology.
Rondo Automatic Coiler
AAS Rondo Coiler is a fully automatic coiler designed and suitable for coiling thick wall pipes having a diameter from 12 to 32 mm.
A dancer/accumulator ensures the smooth automatic transfer from the full to empty coil at full production speed, up to 120 m/min. A pipe cutter and an automatic binder are also parts of the machine.
The AAS Rondo Automatic Coiler can be easily integrated in a production line.
Rondo Central Photo
Rondo Automatic Coiler line Specifications
Diameter of the pipe
12 mm – 32 mm
Wall thickness
0.6 mm – 1.5 mm
Winding speed
Up to 120 m/min
Coil outside diameter
1 m
Coil inside diameter
40 cm – 70 cm
Coil width
10 cm – 32 cm
Control system
Coiling stations
Binding straps
3 or 6

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