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We support our partners in every possible way we can. From our product selection, the raw materials that you can use for the best dripline production, to spare parts availability and troubleshooting.


Our production lines are state of the art, designed and developed by our dedicated R&D department and meet the highest quality standards, design for you to achieve the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI).


We have designed and developed a wide range of emitters which can meet all irrigation needs worldwide. The enormous production capacity that we have in emitters guarantees a constant supply of the most important ingredient of a dripline.

Raw Materials

We can assist you in raw material selection for your dripline production at every level. Depending on availability at your specific area, we will determine the optimal solution which will best suit your production needs.

Spare Parts

We keep a wide range of spare parts and consumables at our warehouse in order to be able to dispatch them immediately to your premises and therefore reduce the downtimes to the minimum possible.


In the unlikely event of a production shutdown due to a production line malfunction, the line operator has to follow the standard procedure which was thoroughly explained to him during the initial training process.


If the problem persists and cannot be solved by following the standard procedure, we provide the ability to connect remotely with our premises and provide a solution online.


Moreover, our technicians are always available for any issue that can not be solved by your maintenance team, offering immediate On-site support.

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