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Aquarius PC

Online PC Emitter

The most versatile and easy
to install Pressure Compensating
emitter for a great variety of


Pressure Compensating (PC)

Aquarius PC emitters incorporate a silicone membrane which enables the delivery of precise and equal amounts of water over a broad pressure range. Aquarius PC emitters are designed for precision irrigation needs, ranging from a home garden to the most advanced hydroponic application.

Ultrasonic Welding Technology

The advanced welding process of Aquarius PC eliminates the problem all online emitters eventually face, leakage between the body and the cover of the emitter. In our emitter this is prevented by a parallel formation and welding of the cover, around the edge of the body of Aquarius PC, making it impossible to leak regardless of the climatic or pressure conditions

Drain (D) and Non-Drain (ND) Options

With the Non-Drain system of Aquarius PC, the pipe remains full of water during irrigation intervals, ensuring immediate and uniform irrigation along the pipe. Non-Drain emitters eliminate drainage and refill effect, and improve efficiency in pulse irrigation. In order to achieve the Non-Drain function, the emitter closes at 0,15 bar.

Emitter Characteristics

  • Wide range of flow rates 2,0 / 4,0 / 8,0 and 24 l/h (0,53 / 1,06 / 2,11 and 6,00 g/h) 

  • Aquarius PC is designed for installation in pipes from 12 mm up to 32 mm diameter and wall thickness from 0,9 mm up to 1,2 mm (35 mil – 47 mil)

  • Wide pressure compensation range, from 0,5 to 4,0 bar

  • Cross shaped water inlet

  • Wide and accurate water passages along the labyrinth

  • Special labyrinth design that ensures highly turbulent flow of the water

  • Continuous self cleaning mechanism ensures non-clogging uninterrupted emitter operation

  • High UV resistance

  • Resistant to standard nutrients used in agriculture

  • Injected molded emitters with excellent Coefficient of Variation (CV), less than 5%

  • Aquarius emitters can be installed manually exactly where they are required

  • The number of emitters can be increased in order to increase water supply aimed at meeting tree growth rate requirements

  • Aquarius PC design allows the installation of manifold outlet with multiple outputs

  • One type of outlet suitable for 3 mm internal diameter micro-tube and for press-fit nipple connectors

Product Applications

  • Precision irrigation

  • Uneven terrain

  • Greenhouses and nurseries

  • Orchards

  • Gardening

  • Landscaping

  • Hydroponics

  • Soilless culture

  • Pulse irrigation

Aquarius PC Emitter Specifications
Aquarius PC Packaging

Aquarius PC Drain Emitters

Aquarius 2 LPH Drain_45.jpg

2 l/h 0,53 g/h

Aquarius 24 LPH Drain_cap_45.jpg
Aquarius 8 LPH Drain_45.jpg
Aquarius 4 LPH Drain_45.jpg

4 l/h 1 g/h

8 l/h  2 g/h

24 l/h  6,34 g/h

Aquarius 2 LPH No Drain_45.jpg

2 l/h 0,53 g/h

Aquarius 24 LPH Non Drain_cap_45.jpg
Aquarius 8 LPH No Drain_45.jpg
Aquarius 4 LPH No Drain_45.jpg

4 l/h 1 g/h

8 l/h  2 g/h

24 l/h  6,34 g/h

Aquarius PC Non Drain Emitters

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