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Holistic Approach in
Human Error Elimination

One of the critical elements in a production procedure is the human error.

In an attempt to eliminate human error from all production procedures, we have developed a holistic approach which involves three basic steps and minimizes the need for human intervention.

Human-Machine Interface

The first step is the development of a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) which is extremely easy to operate and does not require any particular knowledge or skills. From the simple to understand graphics and the ease of access through the touch screens, our interface can be operated as easy as any tablet or smartphone. 


Software Development

The second one, is the advanced software that we have developed which provides the ability to preprogram and set several production criteria that can be easily accessed and selected by the line operator. Moreover, the micro adjustments that might be needed are extremely easy and can be performed via the touch screens either on the beginning or the end of the line.

Extensive Training

Last step but the most important one, is the extensive training that we provide to your production line supervisor. Our 40-year experience enables us to provide the highest possible training in both production line operation and problem solving during production.

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