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Triton PC ™

Cylindrical PC Emitter

The most durable Pressure Compensating emitter, designed for steep and rocky terrain, permanent crops with long laterals, on surface and subsurface applications.


Pressure Compensating (PC)

Triton PC emitters incorporate a silicone membrane which enables the delivery of precise and equal amounts of water over a broad pressure range. Triton PC emitters are designed for precision irrigation needs, hard rocky terrain and inclined topography.

Drain (D), Non-Drain (ND) and Anti-Siphon (AS) Options

The Anti-Siphon (AS) system both is a specially designed mechanism that prevents suction of dirt and impurities into the emitter. The AS feature enables Triton PC to be installed underground (SDI), perfectly maintaining its irrigation characteristics and its multi-year durability.

With the Non-Drain system of Triton PC, the dripline remains full of water during irrigation intervals, ensuring immediate and uniform irrigation along the dripline. Non-Drain emitters eliminate drainage and refill effect and improve efficiency in pulse irrigation. In order to achieve the Non-Drain function, the emitter closes when the pressure is below 0,1 bar.

Emitter Characteristics

  • Available in two flow rates 2,0 and 4,0 l/h (0,53 and 1,06 g/h)

  • Suitable for driplines with 16mm diameter

  • Designed for insertion systems of wall thicknesses ranging from 25 mil up to 47 mil (0,65 mm - 1,2 mm)

  • Manufactured from the finest raw materials that provide durability and long-lasting performance

  • Wide and accurate water passages along the labyrinth

  • Special labyrinth design that ensures high turbulent flow of the water

  • Continuous self cleaning mechanism ensures non-clogging uninterrupted operation

  • High UV resistant

  • Resistant to all nutrients used in agricultural

  • Injected molded emitters with excellent Coefficient of Variation (CV), less than 5%

  • Excellent for effluent water reuse

  • Wide pressure compensation range

Product Applications

  • Precision irrigation

  • Uneven terrain

  • Row crops

  • Orchards

  • Landscaping

  • Gardening

  • Pulse irrigation

  • Suitable for both on surface and subsurface installations

Triton PC Emitter Specifications
Triton PC Packaging
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