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R120 CL

Production speed 120 meters per minute
Inserting / drilling rate 500 emitters per minute

R120 CL

Drip irrigation production line for the production of cylindrical, thick wall driplines, with the integration of A.A.S. Triton PC or Turbo Compact cylindrical emitters. Production speed up to 120 meters per minute and 500 emitters per minute inserting and drilling rate.

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High Efficiency

Highly efficient production lines, a result of commitment to constant improvement from many years of experience in everyday production. CE certified, ready to serve customized needs at a more economical price.

Feeder and inserting unit for cylindrical emitters

The feeder unit consists of a pre-feeder with hopper storage for the emitters, the centrifugal feeder and a conveyor. The capacity of the Feeder Unit for the A.A.S. Turbo Compact and Triton PC emitters is up to 500 emitters per minute. The inserting unit encompasses a programmable controller which enables inserting of cylindrical emitters at user selected spacing. Inserting unit's capacity for the Turbo Compact and Triton PC emitters is up to 500 emitters per minute. R120 CL can operate with any cylindrical emitter.

Drilling System

R120 drilling unit consists of two servo drilling motors which are controlled by the most advanced automation software, capable of uninterrupted and accurate drilling process. The drilling capability of the unit, is up to 500 holes per minute at a line speed of 120 meters per minute. The R120 drilling unit includes safety sensors and covers complying with all safety CE standards. The user interface consists of a 12” HMI panel including a user-friendly environment for adjusting the drilling process and the optional hole inspection vision system.

Hole Inspection Vision System

A guaranteed emitter pipe production is achieved by a reliable and accurate vision control system, that inspects all emitter holes one by one. This is achieved by applying image processing algorithms on the image of the emitter along with the proper industrial lightning solution on the surface of the pipe. The lightning consists of a cylindrical LED white flashing light that contributes to rapid image developing.

The image processing scans for round holes at the allowable area on the emitter and provides with the necessary information, regarding the production quality. The design of the system takes into account the torsion of the cylindrical pipe, which is by default created due to the nature of the manufacturing process. The hole inspection vision system provides a closed-loop control of the production, in contrast to the typical open-loop emitter pipe production without any visual validation of the final quality.

Basic composition

  • 75/36 single screw extruder

  • Manual screen changer

  • Inserting system for Rondo line

  • PE pipe single or double or triple layer crosshead with striping option

  • Vacuum calibration

  • 16 meter water cooling module

  • Perforating system

  • Caterpillar haul off

  • R120 Cylindrical dripline coiler

R120 CL Specifications
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