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Constant Upgrades and Enhancements

In order to achieve the quality excellence that we praise, we never stop evolving. The extremely fast pace of technology evolution, combined with the advanced skills and experience of our team members, enables us to constantly improve our production lines. By utilizing the latest available technology, we constantly upgrade both the hardware and the software of our production lines in order to offer to you the best possible solution.


The hardware upgrades that we design and develop, are compatible with both our current and previous model range. This means that we offer the opportunity for an older production line to be more productive and efficient.  

Another advantage of constantly improving several parts, is that of increased durability and reduction of the maintenance costs.

Finally, we develop new product kits and sets that can be installed on the production lines to increase profitability and make an impact to your market by differentiating. For instance, the introduction of a flap outlet instead of a hole that can be easily installed and interchanged. The coextrusion kit that enables the production of dripline with one- or two-color lines.  


The software upgrades that we develop are designed for both functionality and convenience. The functional updates are designed to enhance the operation of several different parts and to allow for a more productive and at the same time cost effective overall operation. Moreover, every new hardware update needs its corresponding software update to function.

The convenience updates have to do with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) ease of access and usability for error proof operation and the remote connectivity or the interconnectivity between the production lines.

Production Line and Equipment Upgrades

Our knowledge and experience in dripline production enable us to develop custom upgrades in order to best utilize your production lines. We are able to consult you for the best possible production line or equipment upgrade in order to achieve the highest possible return for your investment.


All parts of our production lines are designed by our R&D team and produced by carefully selected suppliers according to proprietary mechanical designs. This empower us to fine tune and upgrade your entire facility. Moreover, the fact that the operating software of our equipment is developed 100% in-house by our dedicated R&D software department means that we can adjust it to fit your production capabilities and offer you the benefit of constantly improving your production.

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