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Who we are

By utilizing our knowledge, experience and expertise, we offer the most advanced solutions for the drip irrigation industry worldwide. We constantly grow because we are committed to the continuous improvement of our products and services, which create value to our partners.

Mission - Vision

Our mission is to provide value to our partners by offering the most technically advanced solutions in the industry of drip irrigation.

Our vision is to combine our knowledge, experience and expertise with the cutting-edge technology.

Our brand attributes

Our knowledge experience and expertise are offered to our partners through comprehensive drip irrigation solutions and services. Those elements add value to our partners and position A.A.S. at the high end of the industry.

Knowledge is a key factor for our success and an important element for growth in the drip irrigation industry. The knowledge of our team members combined with new ideas and current technology trends enables us to configure the optimal solution for all drip irrigation needs.


Our experience in the drip irrigation industry provides the ability to better understand the needs of both the dripline producer and the end user. That gives us the edge in developing state-of-the-art production lines and producing the most advanced emitters in the industry.


Our team of experts is always available to provide the optimal solution for your needs, consult you in every step of your investment and support you whenever its needed.  Every team member is an expert in its field in order to deliver the best possible outcome for all our operations.

Our core values


Our brand is trusted worldwide from the largest companies in the irrigation industry.


Our partners are confident that we will deliver the best possible solution for their needs.


We are committed in constant development of our products and services by using the cutting-edge technology.

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