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H250 FL

Production speed 250 meters per minute
Inserting rate 1.250 emitters per minute

H250 FL

Hybrid drip irrigation production line for the production of flat dripline in thin, medium and hard wall, with the integration of all A.A.S. flat emitters. Production speed is up to 250 meters per minute and inserting rate 1.250 emitters per minute.


H250 FL is the only production line any manufacturer will ever need for any dripline production with flat emitters, since it incorporates an innovative emitter change mechanism, which makes the task of producing with every flat emitter extremely fast and easy

Feeder and inserting unit for flat emitters

The feeder unit consists of two pre-feeders with hopper storage for the emitters, two centrifugal feeders, a buffer of emitters for approximately one minute back up at the maximum inserting speed and a conveyor. The capacity of the feeder with A.A.S. Turbo flat emitters is up to 1.250 emitters per minute at operating speed. The inserting unit encompasses a programmable controller which enables inserting of flat emitters at user selected spacing. Inserting unit's capacity with Turbo flat emitters is up to 1.250 emitters per minute.

Drilling system

The drilling unit design along with fast motion robotic algorithms enables industry leading production speeds, combined with minimum vibration and high mechanical strength. Drilling capacity of the unit is up to 1.800 holes per minute with only one driller, at a line speed of up to 250 meters per minute.

Closed loop-controlled vision system of the water outlet holes

The system constantly detects actual position and shape of all water outlet holes. On a fail result, the closed-loop control system activates a servo motor for the correction of left/right errors, or adjusts the activation of the drilling mechanism through software for the correction of front/back errors.

Basic composition

  • 75/36 single screw extruder

  • Manual Screen changer

  • PE pipe crosshead with single layer with striping option

  • Vacuum calibration

  • 16 meter water cooling module

  • Closed loop water circulation system

  • Inserting and drilling system

  • Caterpillar haul off

  • C250 flat dripline coiler

H250 FL Specifications
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