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What we do

We are a global leader in designing and developing comprehensive solutions for the drip irrigation industry. By utilizing our knowledge, experience and expertise, we offer turnkey custom-made solutions for all manufacturing processes involved in drip irrigation. From the most advanced emitters and state of the art production lines, to a complete feasibility study for a production startup and market of the final products.

Production Lines and Equipment Upgrades

All parts of our production lines are designed by our R&D team and produced by carefully selected suppliers according to proprietary mechanical designs. Moreover, the operating software is developed 100% in-house by our dedicated R&D software department. That offers the benefit of constantly improving it and enables us to provide bespoke solutions to our partners.


We design and produce the most advanced emitters in the drip irrigation industry. We offer a wide range of emitters in order to address all market needs. All emitters are designed by our in-house R&D design department and produced in our Cyprus factory in the most advanced and well-maintained injection machines.


We offer unmatched services for the drip irrigation industry since we can consult on any project, no matter the size of the investment. From a simple production line upgrade for the use of our emitters to a comprehensive feasibility study for a complete factory setup.

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