Global Reach

Our multi-year global presence in the industry of drip irrigation, equips us with deep knowledge of the particularities and challenges of every country and region. Therefore, we are the experts in the drip irrigation industry.

Geographical Presence

A.A.S. has a wide geographical presence deriving from our ability to offer comprehensive solutions and superior product quality. A.A.S. is a highly respected brand amongst the drip irrigation product manufacturers and technology providers worldwide.

Our global sales and our technical team are always in reach, working hand in hand with our partners in every part of the world, taking advantage of our wide distribution network.

Over the years we have supplied many companies around the globe with our advanced, high quality emitters and state of the art production lines for the manufacturing of driplines.

Partners in all Five Continents

Our large manufacturing capacity along with the dedicated R&D and Quality Control departments enables us to have long-term contracts for the supply of emitters worldwide with many companies in the field of irrigation.

Our major partners are internationally renowned companies or corporations, ranking in the top 10 largest drip irrigation manufacturers, spread on all five continents, trusting us for delivering the optimal solution for their drip irrigation production needs.