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Customized Solutions

By utilizing our knowledge, experience and expertise we are able to provide the best possible solution for your needs. We do not treat you as a customer that purchases products from us, you are our partner and we strive to add value to your investment.

The knowledge, experience and expertise of our dedicated production line development team, enables us to provide customized solutions for the specific bespoke needs of every market worldwide. Our 40-year experience in the drip irrigation industry, equips us with the ability to understand every dripline producer needs, goals and expectations. Moreover, we already know that the market each company operates in has its own challenges and we have solutions for each challenge. 

In order to meet all drip irrigation production criteria and constraints of our partners, and at the same time deliver a perfectly operating production line with a great efficiency, we have developed a wide range of different solutions for each production line component. All components provided are designed, developed and optimized by our R&D team and can be combined in order to reach the best possible outcome with the greatest production output and achieve the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI).

The production line department will work with you hand in hand to develop the optimum dripline production solution for your individual needs. We can provide several alternatives that will enable you to achieve all your targets. We will thoroughly explain the benefits of each solution, in order to assist you with the optimal dripline production configuration.

Custom-made, Turn-Key Production Lines

Our team can design, develop, build and install a complete drip irrigation production line according to your specific needs. We cooperate with major manufacturers in the drip irrigation industry and therefore have a variety of equipment which will suit your production needs.

Emitter Design

Our specialized emitter design team is able to design and develop custom made emitters according to your market needs and make sure that will accommodate your production line requirements. We can also provide a vast range of emitters which are currently produced in our Cyprus facilities.

Technical Consultation and After Sales Service

Our goal is to ensure that our services surpass the expectations of our partners. Our experienced technical team can provide you with all the answers, propose the optimum solution and offer comprehensive after sales service and support.

Project and Investment Consultation

The accumulated expertise and experience enable A.A.S. to embark and consult on any drip irrigation project of new investment, restructuring, merger and or acquisition worldwide.

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