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We offer unmatched services for the drip irrigation industry since we can consult on any project, no matter the size of the investment. From a production line upgrade for the use of our emitters to a comprehensive feasibility study for a complete factory setup we will guide you with our knowledge experience and expertise.

Technical Support

We support our partners in every possible way we can from our product selection to troubleshooting.

Aftersales Technical Support and Troubleshooting

There are two main types of after sales technical support which are associated with the way they are offered.

Customized Solutions

We are able to provide the best possible solution for your drip irrigation production needs.

Human Error Elimination

One of the critical elements in a production procedure is the human error. 

Production Line Commissioning

We have developed a unique production line commissioning experience for our partners. 

A Business Opportunity

We offer to our partners the opportunity to enter the drip irrigation market.

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