The most advanced emitters

By utilizing our team's knowledge experience and expertise, combined with the latest technology, we design, develop and produce the most advanced emitters in drip irrigation industry combined with the highest possible quality. Those two elements add value to our partners, since enable them to reduce their production cost by achieving the highest possible production speeds for their dripline production. In conjunction with our drip irrigation production lines, the dripline that they produce is the best in their market with the highest possible quality while at the same time they manage to reduce their production cost and increase their production capacity with the industry leading production speeds of A.A.S.

Our dedicated R&D emitter department is strategically staffed with both highly experienced engineers with a track record of 40 years in the industry and young talents that bring new ideas and the latest technology trends. We offer a wide range of emitters in order to address all market needs. Our experience has showed that the most important element of a dripline is the emitter operation. Therefore, a perfectly designed and manufactured emitter will ensure the flawless operation of the dripline on the field. This is why we constantly improve our emitters and their production process, by implementing the latest technologies in every aspect of our operations.

Pressure Compensating (PC) Emitters


Cyclone PC

Triton PC

Aquarius PC

Turbulent Flow (TF) Emitters