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Nano ™

Flat Turbulent Emitter

The most affordable approach for the end user due to the small weight and dimensions of the emitter. The small dimensions of Nano emitter along with its curved edge design provide a very low kd factor resulting in extremely low friction losses of water flowing inside the dripline.


Emitter Flow Path

One of the most important elements in the design of an emitter is the flow path. Its width, depth and length determine the flow rate of the emitter in liters per hour but most importantly determines their anti-clogging ability. A highly turbulent flow design creates multiple vortexes inside the flow path and therefore prevents clogging.

Emitter Characteristics

  • Wide range of flow rates 0,6 / 1,0 / 1,6 and 2,0 l/h (0,16 / 0,26 / 0,42 and 0,53 g/h)

  • State of the art combination of performance and manufacturing technology enable emitter spacings starting from 10 cm and wall thicknesses from 5 mil and up to 12 mil (0,127 to 0,3 mm)

  • Suitable for driplines with any diameter from 12 mm and on

  • Manufactured from the finest raw materials that provide durability and long-lasting performance

  • Superior and efficient emitter design enables very high downstream production speeds

  • Excellent Coefficient of Variation (CV), less than 5% and far superior to labyrinth tape products, due to the long length of the finely tuned labyrinth

  • Wide and accurate water passages along the labyrinth

  • Specially designed labyrinth creates high turbulent flow, therefore preventing clogging of the emitter

  • Advanced Three-Dimensional water inlet increases filtering area, thus enhancing the anti-clogging performance of the emitter

  • Cost efficient, due to its ultra compact design

  • The finished coils contain more meters for the same outer dimensions, resulting at lower logistics costs per meter, compared to other thin wall and tape products

Product Applications

  • Row crops

  • Vegetables

  • Suitable for both on surface and shallow subsurface installations depending on wall thickness

Nano Emitter Specifications
Nano Emitter Packaging
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