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Quality Excellence,
Customer Satisfaction Policy
Emitter Warranty

Our mission is to constantly provide value to our partners from every single operation, product or service that we offer. Our emitters are designed, developed and manufactured by our team of experts with the priority to add value to our partners. We believe that in order for a product to be able to add value, it has to be produced with the highest quality standards in every step of the process, from the design and production, to delivery, training and after sales support.

To achieve and maintain our high-quality standards, we have developed the Quality Excellence process. This process enables us to constantly offer drip irrigation solutions of the highest possible quality. All our production procedures are developed to promote quality over cost. The automations and technologies that we use are the latest available in the industry and enable us to control our product’s quality in every step of the process, either production or assembly. 


Under this scope we have received ISO 9001:2015 standard certification for our operations. Moreover, all our emitters surpass the ISO 9261 standards since are produced with extremely lower tolerances than the ones required to achieve the certification.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

We will replace at no charge any A.A.S. emitter that fails in normal use. Every claim should be communicated to the customer service department of A.A.S. for evaluation and approval. Product failures due to misuse, unproper handling and storing conditions or natural disasters, are not covered by this replacement policy. This commitment to product replacement is our sole and total warranty.


Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness, if applicable, are limited to one year from the date of sale.

We will not, under any circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential damages, no matter how they occur.


In case it is deemed necessary to replace a defective product, with our sole discretion, this product will be replaced with the same product, or if no longer available, with a comparable product of equal characteristics.

Exclusions and Restrictions:

This policy only applies to products manufactured by A.A.S. Advanced Automation Systems LTD. It does not apply to products sold or used in conjunction with our products, (blank tube, accessories and fittings), or the final product (drip irrigation pipe) produced with A.A.S. emitters. This policy does not apply to products not properly installed, installation not properly designed, installation execution and machinery not properly adjusted for A.A.S. emitters, low quality raw material or production lines not properly maintained

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