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Limassol 08/12/2022

Dear valued partners,

With this announcement we want to explicitly state that we are not associated in any way with Qingdao Xindacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. of China, hereafter referred as “XINDACHENG”.

It came to our attention that “XINDACHENG” company is using our emitter images and product names in their websites. Moreover, they market and promote some of their products, by stating that they are “Euro drippers” made by A.A.S. Advanced Automation Systems Ltd.

Furthermore, “XINDACHENG” is stating that the production lines that they offer are made in Germany, just like ours, and offer the same characteristics and operations by copying our data. They also use our brand name “AAS” in the product name of their production lines in order to market them as A.A.S. products and benefit from our brand value.

Finally, we have received emails promoting “XINDACHENG” emitters and drip irrigation production lines with A.A.S. product names and characteristics. We also received complaints from customers who stated that the A.A.S. production line purchased from “XINDACHENG” is not operating properly or according to specifications, and that they want to claim their money back. This is a very serious defamation for our company and products that we cannot tolerate.

We want to make clear that “XINDACHENG” emitters and production lines are counterfeits of A.A.S. products and do not have the characteristics, or offer the functions and operation of our emitters and production lines in any way.

We will take all legal actions against “XINDACHENG” in order to protect our state of the art, high quality products and our brand reputation.

Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos

Managing Director


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