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Vacuum Unit Technology

The process of shaping the dripline, by adjusting the vacuum through advanced Proportional Integral and Derivative (PID) algorithms, enable us to achieve an absolutely stable vacuum under pressure and water leveling.

Our vacuum design, includes a new welding and calibrating system that allows for micro adjustments of the welding process. This enables us to achieve outstanding welding under all circumstances.

The built quality is exceptional, with all parts of the vacuum unit manufactured from high quality stainless steel. We want to ensure that no rust will be created on the surfaces of the individual parts and that the whole unit will be robust and steady under operation.

We have developed an innovative method for hole detection on the dripline, which utilizes both specially designed hardware and software. The intelligent algorithms used are a result of extensive research on probabilistic models.

Finally, the vacuum unit is designed in such a way that when the dripline is cut, there is no water going out of the system.

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