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Conveyor Technology

Our unique conveyor design enables the perfect transfer of the emitters from the buffer module to the inserting unit. The operation is performed with the use of an innovative custom-made conveyor belt, designed and developed from our R&D, specifically for the task. The belt is made from a special material which secures the optimum transfer of the emitter towards the inserting, without damaging the emitter in the process due to friction.

The innovative design of the conveyor belt, provides the opportunity to operate without the use of air as the main transfer force. By not incorporating air, we make sure that no dust or any foreign particles are blown on the emitter surface, or even worse in its labyrinth and water inlet. Moreover, with the use of a conveyor belt, we have completely eliminated the operational noise for the particular module of our production line. The length of the conveyor itself, is optimized for the extremely high insertion rate and speed of N350 FL production line, while it operates in combination with the buffer to ensure a stable emitter supply.

An advanced alarm sensing system is developed, to guarantee high quality end product under the strictest industry's specifications and seamless operation of the module in the unlikely event of a malfunction during the feeding process. All critical parts are manufactured under strict tolerances, from a special aluminum alloy to secure no damage on the emitters during the transfer process. Moreover, a special chemical treatment of all aluminum parts, guarantees a life-time operation without compromising the production speed and performance.

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