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Cylindrical Automatic Coiler

Our R120 cylindrical coiler is fully automatic and able to cope with the high-speed production of more than 120 meters per minute.

The special design of our coiler provides the ability to produce a wide range of products with a total coil width from 120 mm and up to 300 mm. The operation of the coiler has been designed in order to achieve a perfect coil change, at speeds up to 120 meters per minute.

In order to provide to our partners, the best possible performance of the coiler and guarantee a seamless automatic coil change at 120m/min, an accumulator is developed for the task, which plays a significant role and enables us to achieve the desired results.

Our coiler's unique design and automation software, provides the ability to the line operator to perfectly adjust the tension of the dripline during the coiling process, in both the steady and transient states.

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