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Emitter Feeding Unit

All dripline production lines need a steady and uninterrupted supply of emitters in order to ensure that there will not be a production shutdown due to lack of emitters. Especially for production lines that operate at extremely high speeds like our N350 FL does, the emitter feeding unit is a critical component which serves several functions.

In order for our N350 FL production line to operate at the industry leading speed of 350 meters per minute, it needs a constant supply of 2.500 Nano emitters per minute. Feeding this quantity into the inserting unit without interruptions, faults and malfunctions is not an easy task. In order to attain the optimum efficient and effective operation, our R&D department has designed and developed a state-of-the-art Emitter Feeding Unit, which consists of two pre-feeders, two feeders and a buffer.

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