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R120 Cylindrical Inserting Unit Technology

Our inserting unit is designed and developed in order to provide a perfect, seamless and problem free emitter insertion for many decades, since there are no other mechanical limitations in its operation.

Switching from Triton PC to the Turbo Compact emitter and vice versa, for dripline production is a very simple procedure and the operator can easily perform it without any delays.

The whole inserting system is designed to be able to move back and forth, for a seamless operation and optimization of production, to achieve the highest ratio of productivity versus cost.

Our Smart Control function ensures extreme accuracy for emitter inserting into the drip irrigation pipe that can be achieved by the combination of our advanced software and quality excellence of our production line components. The advanced algorithms we use, achieve the minimum emitter spacing fluctuation of the dripline in the industry.

The flawless operation of our inserting unit ensures that the overall production line operation will not stop for inserting related issues, which will result in decreased production costs, downtimes and scrap.


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