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Extruder Technology

Our extruders feature a special screw design, which was developed for extremely stable material feeding of the head, under all circumstances. The precise and excellent mix of the material is essential for high quality dripline production. Finally, the stress-free push of the material towards the crosshead is vital for forming a perfect inner layer of the pipe, which will accommodate the emitters and will provide a nice and smooth outer surface.

The extruder screw and the barrel are chemically processed for life-time, trouble free operation, in conjunction with the use of virgin raw materials. For the use of recycled raw materials, we offer a different solution of a bimetal construction of screw and barrel. Moreover, a high quality top of the line gearbox is used, which ensures the longevity of the equipment, also renowned for its completely noiseless operation.

We use ceramic resistors which secure the long-lasting resisting process at high-watt operation. The advanced PID-controlled heating elements that we incorporate, makes sure that the temperature of all points along the surface of the pipe are the correct ones for the dripline production.

The manual screen changer that we have developed, provides a very large filtration surface. Moreover, it has the ability to operate at very high pressures without any leakage. Finally, the change of the filter itself is very easy and doesn't require special tools or knowledge from the operator.

We offer the option for a co-extruder which enables the use of recycled raw materials. Moreover, with the coextrusion function, the final product can be customized with the use of different color stripes. Those two benefits of the coextrusion allows the manufacturer to offer a very wide product range to the market, and fulfill every customer demand.

The interface that we have developed is extremely user friendly and utilizes a wide LED screen for the easiest possible Human-Machine Interface (HMI) interaction.

The extruder is stabilized with the use of specially designed wheels in order to eliminate any possible vibration at its maximum operation. The cooling methods that we have selected for the extruder are specially designed and developed to reduce the noise at the minimum possible level, which allows a communicative environment around the production line.

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