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Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

The main idea behind the design of our user interface, is to make it as easy to use and understand as possible, while controlling 100% of the production line functions from all access points. Moreover, the fact that the production line operators keep changing in the factories, the training for every single one should not take too long. Therefore, we designed an interface that is straightforward for every operator regardless of their production knowledge and requires the minimum settings to produce a high-quality dripline.

Hence, the interaction with the machine is user-friendly and the navigation of the parameters is optimized according to the real production needs. The same principle has been followed for the mechanical adjustments of the line. We reinvented, designed and developed every small detail of each component of the production line in order to make it as efficient and effective it can possibly be.

Our HMI is fully customizable and adjustable in order to best fit the production needs and capabilities of our partners. The evaluation metrics of the production line can be set according to user's preference. This allows for a custom fit of the line's operation to each dripline manufacturer, according to their standards.

The HMI provides detailed statistics, data and graphs of the production line operation, along with a complete set of the production output data. Those functions transform the HMI to a powerful decision-making tool for production planning, cost analyzing, efficiency and effectiveness increasing and so on. Moreover, it is a user-friendly ad hoc monitoring of the production.

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