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International Carrot Day, April 4th

The first annual celebration of this vibrant root occurred in the year 2003. Carrots are a hearty plant that can grow in many diverse conditions throughout the year, though they typically come into harvest in the summer and fall seasons.


Drip irrigation of carrot seed may offer benefits in terms of increased yield of pure-live-seed, decreased disease pressure, and decreased water and fertilizer use. Several studies worldwide show that surface and subsurface drip irrigation can significantly increase the yield of carrot.


In cultivation on ridges higher yield of the carrot can be obtained when surface drip irrigation (SDI) is applied as compare to subsurface. Carrot cultivated on ridges produce significantly longer roots than those cultivated on flat ground.


Τhe surface and subsurface drip irrigation decreases dry matter content and total N content in carrot roots. Drip irrigation at both cultivation methods increases pH and decreases the salt concentration of the soil.



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