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Pre-Feeder Technology

The pre-feeder unit ensures the continuous supply of emitters into the feeders by utilizing a fully adjustable vibration mechanism. The small adjustment increments attribute to the optimal operation of the pre-feeder in conjunction with the feeder and make the overall operation of the unit far more efficient. The vibration mechanism that it incorporates, eliminates the possibility of any damage on the emitters.

The software controlling the operation of the pre-feeder along with the interconnectivity with the feeder, ensures that the optimum number of emitters is always inside the feeder by providing a steady feeding stream.

The design and mechanism of the pre-feeder, filters small particles which may be stored with the emitters during the packaging process or from storing in dusty areas. This ensures that there will be no particle insertion into the feeder which can stop the production procedure.

Each pre-feeder is equipped with advanced sensing alarms which can provide both visual and audible warnings, in order to inform the production line operator for when a refill is needed to each one of the pre-feeders.

The main material used for the construction of our pre-feeders is stainless-steel, selected for uncompromised operation. Moreover, all materials used are of the highest possible quality in terms of durability, performance and compatibility with the rest of the production line in order to ensure seamless operation under all production circumstances and climatic conditions.

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