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The new Cyclone PC 2,0 l/h 0,53 g/h

Dear valued partners,

We proudly present the new Cyclone PC 2,0 l/h (0,53 g/h) which was developed to serve the precision irrigation market. Our R&D department has designed a Pressure Compensating (PC) emitter with exceptionally low Coefficient of manufacturing Variation (CV) of 3,8%. A very low CV translates to extremely high emission uniformity which leads to evenly discharged water form every emitter on the field.

PC emitters tend to have higher CV values competed to conventional, non-PC, due to the fact that they are produced by combining three different parts. The body of the emitter, the cover and the silicone membrane which regulates the flow.

Cyclone PC emitters achieve a very low CV due to:

  • their design characteristics

  • the advanced manufacturing procedure

  • the unique laser welding technology

  • the top-quality materials used for its production

  • the state-of-the-art injection and assembly machines produced in

Cyclone PC 2,0 l/h emitters were tested by the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) in Fresno California for both flow rate accuracy and clogging performance with excellent results. More specifically, the emitter achieved an Emission Uniformity (EU) of 98% with a Uniformity Coefficient (CU) of 99%. The test for clogging performed by CIT, proved the exceptional design of the emitter.

Cyclone PC 2,0 l/h is available in Drain (D), Non-Drain (ND) and Anti-Siphon (AS) variants. It can be used to produce driplines with wall thickness from 12 mil up to 47 mil (0,3 mm - 1,2 mm) and internal diameter (ID) from 13,5 mm and on.

Click here to download the product brochure of Cyclone PC.


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