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Inserting Unit Technology

The inserting unit of our production lines for driplines with flat emitters, is designed with an advanced automatically retractable function, which allows the insertion of the stinger without the movement of the whole inserting system. This unique function provides a seamless operation, without any part tearing, while at the same time it doesn't require extensive space for its operation.

It is operated by two servo motors which are able to provide both flawless and seamless operation. Moreover, their design and capabilities ensure a literally limitless insertion rate, since there are no other mechanical limitations in their operation.

Our Smart Control function ensures extreme accuracy for emitter inserting into the drip irrigation pipe that can be achieved by the combination of our advanced software and quality excellence of our production line components. The advanced algorithms we use, achieve the minimum emitter spacing fluctuation of the dripline in the industry.

We have separated the production line in five main parts in order to collect real time data before and after each part. The data collected are processed and provide valuable information to the line operator for any production issue that is not associated with the alarm triggering process. This enables the operator to rapidly and easily identify and solve any production issue without delays which will result in production downtimes.


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